Restaurant Κyma

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[text tag=”h2″]Restaurant Κyma[/text]

[text tag=”p”]Just a few meters away from the beach you will find the family own tavern “Kyma”. What’s best than enjoying the traditional Greek plates while feeling the sea breeze, overlooking the amazing Golden Beach? [/text]

[text tag=”p”] Thassos island is famous for its sandy beaches and the lush vegetation, something that you will clearly see when visiting Golden Beach. The pine trees almost touch the waves and the sun reflects on the blue-green crystal clear water. In that magic scenery, you will have the chance to relax and enjoy real Greek hospitality. All our traditional recipes, with fish, meat, local vegetables are prepared and cooked with special care. Ask us for our daily delicacies and try the famous thassian “tsipouro”.

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